River Donkey Adventures

River Donkey Adventures is a small but overly excited group of creatives.

D. S. Barrick – Artist

D. S. Barrick is a London-based cartoonist and the author or co-author of over 20 mini-comics, including Skulsi Thatcher and The Day I Wrote Watermelon. His fascination with monsters has led to hundreds of drawings, many of which can be seen on his web site, Cartoon Graveyard, at dsbarrick.com. Barrick is currently working on the second volume of Lucky Unlucky, a comic book series written and created by Scott MacDougall.

Scott McDougall

Scott McDougall – Writer

Scott MacDougall is a London-based editor and writer. He’s been a copywriter for over a decade and has recently transitioned to a number of creative projects. He was the lead editor on the graphic novel Jinn Warriors 2: The Fourth Horseman, from author Marwan el Nashar and Marz Publishing. MacDougall is currently working on the second volume of his original comic book series Lucky Unlucky, drawn by D. S. Barrick and coloured by Erin Elston.

David Perks

David PerksDoer of Stuff

Erin Elston

Erin Elston – Colourist

Erin Elston is the colourist of the Lucky Unlucky comic book series. Encouraging others to use their creativity to enhance their experiences of life, she has joined and harmonized the ideas behind the written and line components of Lucky Unlucky using colour. Her non-collaborative artworks range from small ink drawings to multi-wall, indoor murals.

Lucky Unlucky

Skulsi Thatcher

The Daily Grind