Dan Brown of the London Free Press says:

"[a]t its heart, Lucky Unlucky is a thoughtful, compelling and funny meditation on the nature of luck, bad and good."

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Here's what people are saying on Amazon:

"With an unconventional subject and engaging story, Lucky Unlucky is a new gem that brings a fresh take to the comic book genre. Entertaining story with compelling characters and and impressive art (the final scene is brilliant!)"
- Jessica B

"This comic is fantastic!!! The artwork is so well done and the storyline is great, especially all of the pop culture references. I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys poker or just a good comic in general."
- Matt B

"Great story, witty & fun :). Fantastic art work! Very enjoyable...can't wait to read volume 2!"
- Becky D

Lucky Unlucky

Skulsi Thatcher

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